State Funding for Home Delivered Meals at Risk

The Governor’s budget proposal is set to reduce funding for home delivered meals by $671,100. State funding for this program has been flat since 1998, yet the aging population during the past 10 years has grown, and continues to grow.

Proper nutrition is a major determinant of successful aging and is more important than heredity in avoiding age-related declines; 87% of older Americans have chronic conditions that can be improved with proper nutrition. Conversely, poor nutrition prolongs recovery from illness and increases the cost and incidence of institutionalization.

Programs like Ann Arbor Meals on Wheels makes a difference in the lives of almost 400 clients every year, and has delivered over 1.37 million meals since FY 2000. Every day, we’re making a difference in the lives of those we serve. Consider the following:

  • Over 95% of our clients are unable to shop and cook for themselves.
  • 94% say the meals they receive are their most important source of nutritious
  • 97% say the meals they receive make it easier for them to live
    independently (remain at home).

Supporting the independence of our seniors in the community ultimately saves the State of Michigan money. Please urge your State Representative to restore funding for home delivered meals, and the remaining $1.58 million in Office of Services to the Aging funding slated for reduction, and help keep our seniors in the community.


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